My English learning experience Books about the Chinese Culture and China

My English learning experience; Books about the Chinese Culture and China

My English learning experience;Books about the Chinese Culture and China

"Shijie shang shenme yao dou you, weidu meiyou houhuiyao."

This is a well-known Chinese saying, I have grown up hearing my grandma saying it,my Mom saying it with a sigh, my playmates teasing each other with it and my teachers instructed us with it. It means there are all sorts of medicine available in the world, except a medicine which can cure regrets.

It is sad but true. I am so regretful that I have spent too many years of my life studying the English language but failed to read the great works of this beautiful language. In the year 2002, I graduated from high school and like all other relatively lucky Chinese students I passed the college entrance examination in July, 2002, with a really high score ,72 points higher than the National level. I have long wanted to be a writer.A writer who can write about my unique life experiences and ambition.

My decision of studying English language as my BA major was made in the year 2001, when five couples of my relatives returned from America and Taiwan for a one-week tour in their native island of Hainan. I was then in my second year in high school. I asked for a 5 days leave from school and accompanied my relatives in the city of Sanya, where we stayed in a hotel. Although the family has houses in Sanya city, my relatives decided to stay in a hotel.

The five couples are my first granduncle and his wife, my third granduncle and his wife, my fifth granduncle and his wife, my grandaunt and her husband and my uncle and his wife. My first granduncle and his wife and their son and daughter-in-law are from Taipei,Taiwan. My third granduncle and his wife and fifth granduncle and his wife are from USA.

I had such a great time with them visiting ancestral village and graves that I decided to set my goal to study English so that I can pass the future examination which will enable me to study overseas.

In my home province Hainan Island. Of that year when I graduating from high school, English became a very popular major for smart high school graduates with good grades. So much so that even if with my high mark I was 3 points lower than the 3rd place student who was admitted into my desired university Guangdong International Studies University. The Chinese university enrollment system has a set number of students which was decided ahead of time. In 2002, the university only admit 3 students. The highest scores students who applied this university will be admitted.I would been admitted into Guangdong International Studies University if I didn't only pick English major.

I was then admitted to one of China's top "211 Project " universities which was the third in my application list. After four years of university study, I graduated with honor. I was the top student with the highest English speaking grade in the foreign language School. Unfortunately I completely ignored reading books.

I have lived in Shanghai for over four years. Working as a Mandarin teacher to English speaking executives from top Fortune 500 Companies, I was so lucky to read quite a lot of books which my students brought from America back to China as gifts for me.

Here is a list of the books I have finished reading. Trust me, it you help you language learners to learn about the real China! One of the most fascinating countries in this planet.

1.Country Driving by Peter Hessler. 2.Factory Girls 3.Life and death in Shanghai 4.River Town 5.Oracle Bone 6.SNow flower and the secrete fan 7.The Distant land of my father 8.My Favorite wife 9.The Good Earth 10.Leaving Mother Lake 11.The lost daughters of China 12.The opposite of fate by Amy Tan 13.Falling Leaves 14.Wild Swan 15.Shanghai Baby 16.Red China Blues 17.The Good Women of China 19.One couple,two cultures 20.The Chinese in America 21.Soul Mountain 22.The rape of Naking

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